The Good Place

My favorite forkin’ philosophical comedy. This show takes a look at morality from different angles which include philosophy, theology, and quantum mechanics. 

Ambiguity: Ethnically ambiguous god played by Mya Rudolph, no attachments to any particular religion, different angles to take a crack at morality/ethics. 

Youtube Videos of Dr. Todd May Philosophy professor breaking these down: 

Philosophical Theories and Philosophers:

Moral Imperative: Immanuel Kant-the idea that we all must act according to an unwavering moral code that doesn’t have anything to do with situational variables. 

Doctrine of Double Effect: Thomas Aquinas- you can act in a way that causes an immoral side effect, as long as your primary intention is morally sound. 

Moral Desert: the expectation that if you’re a good person you deserve a reward in return. 

The Trolley Problem: 

Happiness Pump: Joshua David Greene- trying to pump as much happiness into the world as possible at one’s own expense. He argues it may do more societal harm than good because it doesn’t make doing good look good discouraging people to do good. 

John Locke’s Theory of Personal Identity: believing one’s personal identity is based on continued consciousness (ie. memories)

Existentialism “birth is a curse and existence is a prison”

Good book recommendation: The Midnight Library

Good Movie recommendation: Soul 

Good Podcast recommendation: Metaphysical Milkshake, On Being with Krista Tipett, Under the Skin with Russell Brand