Down, down, down the rabbit hole...

When I become obsessed with something, I study it. I mean Youtube University, podcasts, reference books, down, down, down the rabbit hole. Turning my specimen over and over again, peering at it from different angles. This is a glimpse into just where my mind goes whenever I read a good book. You know the kind that stays with you long after you’ve read it. I’ll see the themes represented in the text over and over again in the music I listen to, the shows I watch, other things I read and more. Most of what you’ll see is literary as I’ve been teaching English (language, literature and rhetoric) for 15 years, but I’m also a biological, social, and behavioral science enthusiast so there’s lots of scienc-y stuff in here too. And sometimes some history, and sometimes some philosophy. So come and journey with me. |


Mexican Gothic

Mexican Gothic is creepy crawly good. The story creeps along hiding in the shadows, possessing its victims. The ghost (haze) revealed itself as something that

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The Good Place

My favorite forkin’ philosophical comedy. This show takes a look at morality from different angles which include philosophy, theology, and quantum mechanics.  Ambiguity: Ethnically ambiguous

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I’ve been binge listening to “Blond” lately, especially this song (“Nights” too). This introspection is rare and the beats are juicy and delicious. I mean

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Part I Ovum  Vanessa loved summers at Big Mama’s. It took her sixteen hours on the Greyhound to get to the tiny town of Union

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Catching Fire(flies)

Standing on top of thecityman in the moondon’t slam my frontdoorchasing us with theStreet lights snap onlike fireflieson a June night.

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The clock on the nightstand was a blur behind Gail’s dry contact lens. She felt the heavy foundation smearing the pillow. It wasn’t hers. That’s

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The Bluest Eye

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